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Maarten Snoek Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | Re-seller

About me:
I have been fishing for about 20 years now. Since the first time my dad took me along fishing, I got hooked by the carp. I study carp feeding behavior and responses to flavor and food. In the past I used to be educating people as a trainer. Now-a-days I run my own carp store with my brother Tom. If you see me on the bank, feel free to start a chat. My favorite bait in the range has to be the Bitter Sweet Haze. Helped to design it, and it delivers! Caught me many beautiful fish in the past and is a true killer on pay-lakes.

Edwin Simonides Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | bait maker

I have been fishing for about 18 years now. When I saw the first carp being caught at the camp side I was at, I just knew I had to catch one of them my self. Ever since that moment I have been chasing these scaled beauty’s. The best thing about carp fishing is the peace of mind, nature and to discover the secrets below the surface. My favorite bait has to be the Bitter Sweet Haze. I have caught big dutch carp on it and have used it with great succes in France. I helped to design the Bitter Sweet Haze together with Maarten Snoek.

Guido | Mr. Sassenhein Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | Event helper

My name is Guido. I started fishing all the way back when I was about 13 years old. That means I have been fishing for about 32 years now. It started with regular pole fishing, but when I caught the first carp. What a strength, what a beauty. The ‘carp virus’ had caught me ever since. When I started doing research to specifically fish for carp, it really happened. Boilies, bite alarms, carp rods, everything. At the moment I prefer fishing with the Repeater PRO boilie. The creators of the bait are experienced anglers, and they are working hard to make the boilies healthy for carp and lake. The best part of carp fishing has to be the nature. Just ‘being out there’. Fishing with friends or alone, both I really enjoy.Nothing can guarantee carp. But when you fish with confidence, the carp will come. Right now, I have put my confidence on Solution Boilies and I can really recommend them! See you on the bank side.

Tom Snoek Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | Re-seller

My name is Tom Snoek and as of right now I am 24 years old. I have been actively fishing for carp since the age of 11. For me Carp Fishing is more then just catching a fish. The nature, the surroundings, the water, the Unknown. So incredibly exciting! My go to kind of water are huge lakes or massive rivers. However every now and then I love canal fishing as well (typical for all Dutch Carp Anglers!) I have been very lucky to transfer my hobby into my work as I run my own specialized Carp Fishing Store nowadays. Feel free to come by for a good cup of coffee and some chit chatting about the best hobby in the world! 😉

Ronald Brink Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | Competition angler

I have been fishing carp since I was 10, that is about 18 years ago now. I started carp fishing because of my father. There used to be a mating spot for the carp close to our house where we used to fish for them in spring. This was my introduction to carp angling. A few years later I started to fish on the static method. Using that method I learned to catch the carp before they even reached the mating spot. The years after this my love for carp fishing just grew and grew. In my opinion the best thing about carp fishing is that you never know what is gonna happen. You could catch a small one or a huge old warrior, you never know! That excites me and keeps me so interested in carp fishing. I love the combination of Red Kriller and Repeater PRO. But if I have to pick a favorite, it would be the Red Kriller.

Thije Hoeksema Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | bait maker

7 years ago I was a fanatic pike angler. Slowly but surely a friend of mine convinced me to fish on a local lake with him. After getting the first bite, and having a big fight with a small common carp.. I just had to catch more. The best thing about carp fishing is the adventure. Just not knowing what is gonna happen on the next session. Every session is an adventure and different. My favorite bait has to be the Red Kriller.

Ruben Volk Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | Carp addict

I have been fishing on carp since I was 11 years young. I went fishing with a friend of mine. On that trip he caught a 15kgs mirror carp.. Seeing the strength of the fish and the beautiful pattern, I was sold. I had to catch carp too. Ever since that day I have been chasing carp everywhere. The best part is just prowling through nature, searching for carp. When I joined Solution Boilies I immediately had a favorite boilie, the Red Kriller. The bitter sweet haze pop-ups are my favorite pop-ups so far tho!

Rico Oschmann Afbeeldingsresultaat voor german flag icon

Team member

I am Rico from Germany, I have been fishing since I was 7 or 8 years old. I just love to be outside, in the middle of nature. It is like camping, but better. The silence, observing various animals walking across the lakes.. I have tested a lot of different baits from different companies, but I never catched as good since I am fishing with Solution Boilies. I never thought a single bait could define how much carp I would catch, but that changed since I am fishing with the Red Kriller. The Red Kriller is also my favorite bait by far. I recommend you to test it out!

Damiano Fuschi Afbeeldingsresultaat voor italian flag icon

Team member 

I have been fishing since I was a child. In traditional ways I turned my head to carp fishing. Carp fishing is something I am very passionate about. It is like taking a break from all the things going on around you. Just being at the bank of a river or lake is the perfect way to regenerate myself. I really love the krill boilies from solution, it is perfect for the spot I usually fish. Great quality and great results. 

Gerard Kalverla Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | YouTuber

My name is Gerard, I have been fishing for about 7 years now. I always use to be fishing with a float, catching carp every now and then. Eventually some friends convinced me to join them for a session of carping. With very basic material we managed to catch a 22lbs common. Great result for a first session. The adrenaline rushing through my body when the bite alarms screamed. It is great. Ever since my first catch I am looking for the best tactics and bait to catch carp. Now-a-days I also make videos about my findings to share them with the world. My favorite bait has to be the biter sweet haze.

Adam Woolley Afbeeldingsresultaat voor British flag

Team member | Bailiff

My name is Adam and I’ve been carp fishing since the age of 10. At a young age my grandad took me fishing at his local lake in France where we have our second home It was then on I instantly grew the passion for carp after watching him catch some big fish. A few years on I gradually had the knowledge and the gear to go catch myself some of these carp. The best thing about fishing is not knowing what your going to catch next and turning strangers on the bank to friends! I have been using solution boilie for few months now and I have to say the red killer is definitely doing it for me!

Mike Lemmens Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dutch flag icon

Team member | YouTuber

My name is Mike Lemmens. I have been an carp angler for 11 years. I started when I was only 9 years old. It began at a local pond in the park. Using a cheap rod we caught a few carp, and it had me sold! I just knew I wanted to catch more of them. When I saw how big, strong, smart and beautiful they could become, my hunt for carp started. I love being in nature, just getting out there is my main reason. The day I started fishing with solution boilies was when I first came to KarperCentrale. From that moment on, I never changed my bait again. 

See you on the bank!