carp on a row

Where it started

Our story begins in an old dutch bar. Music was playing, people were dancing. And a few good anglers we’re talking about those things called ‘boilies’ and how they could start making them. A few pints and 3 days later they designed their first one. A few years later one of the guys from back in the day used the old recipes under the brand name ‘PST – Carp Only’. That guy, was the father of a young carp enthousiast. The little fella started making bait in the kitchen with his father years ago. Today, this little fella is still part of our team and his research on carp in over 18 aquaria helped solution boilies to grow, and make healthy, attractive carp baits. 

Besides our own research we used various existing researches to compare with our own findings. All of the information we used for solution boilies is out there, publicly released by experienced scientists and biologists. We put all their research together, and made what is in our opinion the solution to modern day carp angling. A boilie that is both healthy, does not to barely adjusts the PH levels, and will degrade in days rather than months. Our boilies even contain chalk to help balance the PH levels and help plants grow.

We keep researching and only release carp bait that is backed by the studies we used. We make unique, healthy boilies.